Free and open source technology solutions for a city

The CODE FOR FLORIPA is a non-profit initiative that aims to develop free and open source technology solutions for Florianopolis, through citizens who are willing to solve problems of the city as volunteer.

We believe that we will not improve governments without improving citizenship and for this we need to be more than voices and votes, we must be hands that work together for a promising future.

We are an official version of Code for America for the little manes. The Code for America is an initiative that emerged in 2009 in the United States, which seeks to connect citizens through technology, for the development of cities around America.

To be part of the group you do not have to be a programmer. Just have the willpower to promote change, because all types of skills are essential for the development of our projects.

Join us , develop your skills and help Florianopolis become an even better place to live. The next generations are grateful!

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Amanda Bonet

Computer Engineer, addicted to technology, programming and the geek world in general.


Founder of Code for Floripa, software developer, graduated in Information Systems, studying for a postgraduate degree in Software Project Engineering. She believes in the power of technology and collaboration in building a better world.

Carlos M.

Software developer with an addiction to learning new things and applying them, plus a taste for isolating and dissecting everyday patterns and discussing and understanding how and why things are as they are.

Eduardo Bonet

Control and Automation Engineer, addicted to developing both hobby and profession. Mobile, backend, front, data, whatever.

Floriano Oliveira


Gabriela Alice

Desenvolvedora de software, que acredita que um grupo com boas ideias tem o poder de transformar a realidade. Busco sempre me desafiar e compartilhar conhecimento pois a melhor forma de aprender é ensinando.
Software developer, who believes that a group of people with good ideias can change the reality. I am always seeking for challenges and share knowledge, because the best way to learn is teaching.

Hugo Romero

Academic Psychologist at UNISUL, freelance apprentice in free time, my dilemma is to join the scientific knowledge of psychology with my passion for technology and to build new things with people.

Renato Gomes

Developer Full Stack, loves movies, technology, games, nerds things and always wants to improve things.

Victor Koinski

Passionate about sales and marketing, but has always had a drop by programming. Today he trys to get a deeper understanding of BI and connect it to your two passions!