18 de September de 2016

Dados Abertos

The movement of open data starts from the premise that there are government information that is of public interest, such as:
– What is the performance of students in public or private schools in regular school exams?
– How much is collected in taxes by the government’s spheres?
– What are the indicators of complaints received from a company vis-a-vis the public consumer protection agency?

Based on the initiative to open their data, governments around the world can provide relevant information to the citizen and interested developers to work with it to create their own applications, helping both the population and the rulers to see beyond numbers. In several countries, there are many governments’ fronts in making data sets readily available and civil society in facilitating their visualization.
In Brazil, the regulation of open government data is provided for in Law 12527/11, which defines the instruments of public power to make information available, and there are several efforts for its opening and publication.

The Code for Floripa supports the public entities in the opening of their data for the citizen, currently working with the Secretariat of Public Security of Santa Catarina in the availability of data of occurrences of the Military Fire Brigade.

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