19 de September de 2016

Code for Floripa

The Code for Floripa is a non-profit initiative that aims to develop free and open source technology solutions for Florianópolis through citizens who are willing to solve problems of the city on a voluntary basis.

We believe that we will not improve governments without first improving citizenship and for this we need to be more than voices and votes, we must be hands that work together for a promising future.

We are an official version of Code for America for the little manes. The Code for America is an initiative that emerged in 2009 in the United States, which seeks to connect citizens through technology, for the development of cities around America.

To be part of the group you do not have to be a programmer. It is enough to have the willpower to promote change, since all types of skills are essential for the development of our projects.

Join us , develop your skills and help Florianópolis to be an even better place to live. The next generations are grateful!

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